Over the past few years, our extensive experience, innovative entrepreneurial spirit and comprehensive expertise have led us to emerge as the global market leader in the automated vehicle recognition sector. One of the reasons for this is our ability as a system provider to find tailored solutions for country-specific requirements.

We offer technology of the highest quality, including modular security systems and products for the automated identification of vehicles. Our solutions also increase domestic security and protect against theft, manipulation and misuse. They have a wide range of potential applications in both the public and private sectors, such as access control, toll systems, logistics, domestic security, border controls and smart cities.

We guide our customers through the entire process and support public authorities with all vehicle registration tasks. Our products and systems can be implemented to sustainably increase efficiency and security in both central and decentralised registration systems.

Tönnjes and its partner companies have almost 2,000 employees working at over 50 locations worldwide. Our modern German production technology is now being used in many countries. We can cover all or some of the tasks involved in the licence plate production process, from the planning stage to the provision of tools, machines and software. We can also offer a fully-automated and digital production process.