Know-how. In use worldwide.

Our systems for license plate products have proven themselves globally. Various countries and governments already rely on the quality of our technologies. Why? Because our production is closely geared to individual requirements. Maintenance efforts are low because we adhere to state-of-the-art safety, quality and processing standards – regardless of whether production is centralized or decentralized. Anyone who chooses one of our systems benefits from in-depth training for employees and a complete license plate production process.

Modular concept. Individual success.

We design our tools and systems in modules. This enables us to fulfil the exact requirements of our customers.

We support you through the implementation of government requirements, and when adapting to new laws and regulations. We have the right solution in our portfolio: data transfer, statistics, logistics and quality control – all networked and tested under real-life conditions.

Interaction between machine and human.

License plate production is our core business. With our know-how, we have implemented a fully automated production process that combines software, man and machine. The result: efficient production that interlinks every work step, shows the progress in real time and guarantees tamper-proofing. Each license plate is given an individual ID that makes the individual production steps traceable. And we know that our concept works: In Italy, we have transformed the state license plate printing plant into a high-tech factory with the world’s first fully automated license plate production.