IT infrastructure for the entire process

We are revolutionizing the vehicle identification sector. In addition to license plates, we provide software solutions for registration and verification, the interlinked IT systems with which you can register and control the identity of vehicles – reliably, cost-effectively and securely. Of course, we can also integrate our software into existing programs.

The vehicle registration control system

Whether government, authority or company –IDeTRUST covers all tasks of the vehicle registration process. We customize the software to your requirements.

Acquisition, production and delivery are at your fingertips with the IDeTRUST solutions. We guarantee the highest security and efficiency standards. The transmitted data is encrypted and authorised to prevent capture by unauthorized persons. The software also reduces the effort involved in the approval process.

Vehicle identification via smartphone

We rely on a unique, cryptographic identification number on the chips of our license plates.

This guarantees an authentic comparison with the information in a central database.

How do you read out this data digitally? With our IDeTRUST Verification App – simple, fast and secure. All you need is a standard smartphone. Not even an Internet connection. Once installed, access or traffic controls are transformed into a quick affair.