Increased safety thanks to unique safety elements

Our solutions are secure. And yet we further increase security against conventional counterfeiting and tampering.

Our solution? Holographic and electronic security elements. Whether laser coding, watermarks or holograms – the elements have proven themselves in sectors such as banking or ID documents. They work regardless of the weather and meet the latest standards. By combining the individual security features, we guarantee maximum protection against theft and forgery – both for license plates and registration documents. Further security is provided by our RFID-based technologies, which guarantee the registration and verification of vehicles and at the same time fully protect the data against tampering by third parties.

Reliably protected. Easy to combine.

What works as a complete package also works individually. Our security technologies can be easily integrated into existing identification or authorization systems. The modular functionality of the components enables increased security – whether by RFID chip, QR code, hologram or license plate holder.