Vehicle identification made in Germany

As the world leader in secure vehicle identification, we offer customized solutions tailored to individual needs and requirements. Thanks to our modular security systems and products, our services cover all areas of vehicle identification. Whether registration, production, distribution or administration - we have the right solution at hand and work to the highest quality and safety standards.


Our technologies and security solutions are used on every continent. We locally produce license plates according to the countries’ respective standards, develop machines, tools, and materials – as well as export them to a multitude of countries. In many nations, we fulfil government contracts regarding vehicle registration and identification.

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Software Solutions

Our tailored software solutions are an e cient, user-friendly and tamper-proof way to manage the entire national vehicle registration process, integrating all the necessary interfaces used by government bodies.

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Electronic vehicle identification

Our RFID products have a wide range of EVI applications, letting you calculate fees for toll roads and car parks, manage fl eets, control access and protect vehicles against theft and misuse.

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Security Solutions

Our cutting-edge technology ensures vehicle licence plates are protected against forgery, theft and manipulation using laser coding, holograms and UV markers.

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Production Technology

Our production facilities are used worldwide to create vehicle licence plates to the highest quality and security standards, tailored to each customer’s requirements.

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