We are giving mobility a safe and smart future.

The world is changing, and our innovations do not stop at traffic on our roads. Everything is more modern, faster, and smarter. This is demonstrated by the escalating demands on vehicle recognition – new solutions are needed. We can deliver solutions as the global market leader, whether electronic vehicle identification, RFID technology, or fully automated production – we offer individual systems for your needs. And adhere to the highest quality standards, for a safe future of mobility.

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Smart: Electronic Vehicle Identification

Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI for short) is a wireless identification communication from cars, trucks, and motorcycles to authorized readers. We use RAIN RFID technology. We specialise in developing clever applications and systems such as the IDePLATE RFID license plate, the IDeSTIX windscreen, and headlight sticker for secure and reliable EVI.

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Efficient: Production technology

The foundation of our company is classic license plate production.

This tradition is our driving force to pioneer technologies for the diverse global market. For this reason, we offer individual system solutions, from centralized production of license plate blanks to decentralized personalization solutions in embossing stations. Our in-house IDeROBOT embossing robot is compatible with any fully automated license plate production system – reliable, state-of-the-art and extremely flexible.

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Effective: Security solutions

An effective vehicle identification system requires reliable registration, and verification underwritten by corresponding security elements.

Our solutions incorporate serialization of license plates, unique watermarks, forgery-proof holograms and elements that protect against tampering and theft. This includes a digital signature, which you can read and verify with the in-house IDeTRUST Verification app.

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Forward-looking: Software solutions

Registration, license plate management, vehicle identification and encryption – modern vehicle identification covers many complex tasks.

The IDeTRUST IT infrastructure makes these tasks accurate, secure and efficient. The IDeTRUST Vehicle Registration Software manages all official processes. The order management software provides an overview of production and stock levels. The verification app enables easy identification via smartphone, and the IDeTRUST middleware is the link between the reader and the database.

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From Germany. For the world.

TÖNNJES is an international company. We operate sites in over 50 countries around the world – without losing our roots.

Our head offices are still located in Delmenhorst and Siegen. Globally, we attach great importance to a joint venture strategy, as we not only want to export, but also develop and strengthen regional markets together with local partners using our expertise.

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