High tech for the desert state

Dubai uses modern embossing robots developed by TÖNNJES

Delmenhorst / Dubai, May 2019. Dubai is characterised by its modern and innovative spirit, and this is reflected perfectly by its approach to vehicle licence plates. Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a digitised production management system to emboss and issue number plates with an intelligent embossing system using robot technology (IDeROBOT) and intelligent embossing presses (IDePRESS). The authorities in the emirate state decided to work with TÖNNJES as part of a tendering process. The German specialists will assist in the installation of a system to facilitate the production of licence plates of various sizes and designs, to manage machines and materials, and to digitise order processing.

Dubai is home to around 1.8 million vehicles with lots of different licence plate formats. Very different types of licence plates are personalised and distributed at over 35 issuing offices. Mirjam Weber, Head of Sales at TÖNNJES, describes the advantages of the new solution: “The current system is very much prone to misprints, but these are now a thing of the past”. Every licence plate will have a serial number that can be used to document all processing steps, and inventory planning will also be improved through the integration of a warehouse management module. A special role is played by the IDeROBOT, which can produce licence plates in two different sizes with eight designs in any order to meet the fluctuating requirements. This flexibility makes the solution unique around the world.

Four IDePRESS and two IDeROBOT system components have so far been delivered to a central licence plate factory and integrated into the company’s own Secure Plate Management System (SPMS). All issuing offices will be fully upgraded to the new system in close succession. The world market leader TÖNNJES is looking forward to even more projects in the Middle East and around the globe. “Our approach to this assignment has been quite special, as it combines plant engineering, software and logistics in one place. Dubai often sets the tone for lots of other states to follow suit, so we hope to generate even more interest in our digital solutions“, explains Markus Müller, Managing Director at TÖNNJES.     

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