RFID Breaks Speed Records for Tolling Solution

May 14, 2019

Kathrein and Tönnjes used a German racetrack to test and demonstrate the effectiveness of UHF RFID tag reads at speeds greater than 220 kilometers per hour, utilizing Kathrein's readers and software and Tönnjes' IDePLATE tags.

Technology companies Kathrein Solutions and Tönnjes have completed a test of Tönnjes' IDePLATE and IDeSTIX tags with Kathrein's reader and software platform, and have captured tag reads at speeds of more than 220 kilometers per hour. They did so for an audience of existing and prospective customers, in order to illustrate how effective the latest iteration of their technology is. The companies also demonstrated a new tagdesigned for motorcycle headlamps.

Kathrein Solutions is a German Internet of Things (IoT) company that provides RAIN RFIDsolutions. Tönnjes makes vehicle-identification solutions, including its IDePLATE license plates with integrated RFID tags, and its IDeStix adhesive tags that can be applied directly to a vehicle's windshield. While the companies are providing their passive UHF RFID-based technology for a handful of government agencies, they wanted to demonstrate what the system was capable of, so they scheduled a test at Germany's Sachsenring racetrack, in the city of Chemnitz, and invited potential customers. Approximately 90 guests from 30 countries watched the testing take place.

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Source: RFID Breaks Speed Records for Tolling Solution - May 14, 2019 - Page 1/2 - RFID Journal