The World’s First Fully-Automated Licence Plate Production

Our innovative expertise and extensive experience have allowed us to deliver more than just individual production modules; we’re now able to manufacture our licence plates with fully-automated systems in line with Industry 4.0. This gives us the perfect balance of man, machine and software. Individual work processes like cutting, embossing and packaging are all digitally connected, meaning the current production status can be displayed in real time. If the production line becomes congested, lost time can be regained with a buffer. This production process is not only more efficient; it also gives criminals significantly less room for manipulation, as the identification number contained in our licence plates means they can be traced back to every production stage even after they’ve been used on the roads.  To provide the most recent example from this year, TÖNNJES has been commissioned by Italy’s state-run printing institute, the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, to carry out the world’s first ever fully-automated production of licence plates. Around six million number plates will soon be manufactured every year in the new cutting-edge plant near Turin.