Datasheets of production technology

Hydraulic Embossing Press P70

Hydraulic Embossing Press for the production license plates

As a fast working and robust machine, the Press P70 is cost-effective and ideal for the use of male/female embossing dies.

Hydraulic Embossing Press P50

Hydraulic Embossing Press for the production of license plates

Space saving, reduction in noise and two handed safety operations are the key features of the P50.

Hydraulic Press P50 UNIVERSAL

Hydraulic Embossing Press P50 Universal

very fast operation and a long lifetime.

Hot Stamping Machine EVO

Compact and cost-efficient hot-stamping solution

The hot stamping machine EVO is a compact and cost-efficient machine for hot stamping embossed plates, which is available in the two standard sizes (120 mm and 240 mm working width).

Plastic Clapper Dies & Embossing Frames for Number Plates

High quality embossing results

The clapper dies are made of special plastic, require no maintenance and ensure long operational life.

IDeROBOT® Automatic Embossing Unit

Automatic embossing of up to 8 different types of plates with only one machine

The IDeROBOT® embosses both long and short license plates and up to 8 different types.

Hot Stamping Machine T-120-L & T-230-L

High performance Hot Stamping Machine

The T-120-L & T-230-L are powerful machines for hot stamping of single-plates or wide plates.

Security Plate Shredder High Performance

Fast and secure destruction of license plates

The Security Plate Shredder HP can cut all types of license plates, up to a thickness of 1mm, into small parts.

Security Plate Shredder

Secure destruction of license plates

The Security Plate Shredder can shred any type of license plate, with up to 1 mm in thickness.



The IDePress® has been designed to emboss license plates using a pressure ranging from 50 to 80 tons.