The »Third Licence Plate«

Our company has also developed the IDeSTIX® RFID windscreen sticker as an alternative or addition to the IDePLATE®. Just like the RFID licence plate, this also contains an UcodeDNA chip with a unique identification code. The chip is manufactured by NXP and uses RAIN RFID UHF technology. The windscreen label combines with the IDePLATE® to act as a “third licence plate”. It can also be detected by authorised readers and verified against the database via a secure data connection. If a vehicle has illegal number plates and the licence plate data doesn’t match the information contained on the sticker, readers will raise the alarm. This creates maximum security. It is almost impossible to misuse the IDeSTIX®, because it self-destructs when removed from the windscreen. Special holographic features guarantee optical protection against forgery.