Data Retrieval via RFID Chip

Our RAIN RFID-based system makes it possible to accurately and electronically identify vehicles. The centrepiece of this innovative technology is the RFID licence plate, the IDePLATE®. This security licence plate might look like an everyday number plate at first glance, but it has an integrated UcodeDNA RFID chip manufactured by NXP with a unique embedded identification code. The identification number can be verified against a database containing vehicle and owner information via a secure data connection. The identification number on the chip can only be detected and transferred to the database using authorised readers. It’s a RAIN RFID UHF chip, meaning readers can detect it from several metres away. As such, vehicles can be identified in still and moving traffic using both stationary and mobile readers. The IDePLATE® is creating new possibilities for the automated and accurate monitoring of traffic and vehicles. It has a wide range of applications, including access control, logistics, low-emission zones, smart cities, toll systems, domestic security and border controls. We can also adapt the IDePLATE® to comply with all country-specific requirements and registration systems.