See for yourself

This is where we not only show you the products we develop, but also the partners we work with and the projects we manage. If you would like to request a specific reference related to your individual requirements, we would be delighted to have a personal conversation to convince you of our experience and quality.


Cameroon | Client: Road Transport Authority

D.R. Congo | Client: Road Transport Authority

Ghana | Client: Local customers

Kenya | Client: National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)

Malawi | Client: Ministry of Transport and Public Infrastructure

Namibia | Client: Local customers

Nigeria | Client: Local customers

Rwanda | Client: Rwanda Revenue Office

South Africa | Client: Over 500 local embossing shops

Tanzania | Client: Tanzania Revenue Authority

Zimbabwe | Client: Road Transport Authority


Middle East

Bahrain | Client: Ministry of Interior

Egypt | Client: Ministry of Interior

Kuwait | Client: Ministry of Interior

Jordan | Client: Directorate of Public Security

Iraq | Client: Ministry of the Interior | Traffic police

Kurdistan Region | Client: Ministry of Interior

Oman | Client: Royal Oman Police

Qatar | Client: Ministry of Interior

Saudi Arabia | Client: Ministry of Finance

U.A.E., Dubai | Client: Road Transport Authority

U.A.E., Sharjah | Client: Sharjah Police

U.A.E. Umm al Quwain | Client: Traffic Police

U.A.E. Ras al Khaimah | Client: Traffic Police

U.A.E. Abu Dhabi | Client: Abu Dhabi Police