We are working with our partners to revolutionise automated vehicle recognition at over 50 locations around the world. Our modular security systems, production technology and innovative products are used in over 120 countries, including the RFID licence plate (IDePLATE®), the RFID windscreen sticker (IDeSTIX®) and our IDeTRUST® software.


China | Beijing

India | Mumbai

Indonesia | Jakarta


Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur

Philippines | Manila

Singapore | Singapore

Taiwan | Taipei



Egypt | Cairo

Cameroon | Douala

Congo | Kinshasa

Kenya | Nairobi

Morocco | Rabat

Namibia | Windhoek

Senegal | Dakar

South Africa | Johannesburg


South America

Argentina | Buenos Aires

Bolivia | La Paz

Brazil | Rio de Janeiro

Brazil | Sao Paulo

Chile | Santiago de Chile

Colombia | Bogotá

Peru | Lima