New licence plates for motorcycles

RFID Headlamp Tag "IDeSTIX" revolutionises identification of motorised two-wheelers.

Delmenhorst/Manila, August 2020. Not only is the number of cars growing on earth, but there are also more and more motorcycles. The majority of these are located in Asian countries. In India alone, more than 19 million motorised two-wheelers were purchased last year. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, around 4.5 million motorcycles will have been on German roads in 2019 – an increase of 1.5 percent over the previous year.

Despite the growth, little has been done in the marking and identification of vehicles. This becomes a problem especially with speed measurements: Because many speed cameras only take a photo from the front and the licence plate is attached at the back, most speeders get away with it. In addition, in Germany the driver is liable although he/she is usually not recognisable through protective clothing and the helmet. To change this, the German company TÖNNJES has developed an electronic tag. The IDeSTIX Headlamp Tag is a sticker for the headlamp based on RAIN RFID technology.

The Philippines, where at least every third household owns a motorcycle, is the first country in the world where TÖNNJES is equipping motorcycles with IDeSTIX headlamp tags and security licence plates. The introduction of the new tag is subject to the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, a law which aims to identify motorcycles safely and unambiguously to combat the associated crime rate.

The RFID sticker for the headlamp is a company innovation that enables both visual and electronic recognition of the vehicle. This means that the motorcycle can be reliably identified by authorised readers in stationary or moving traffic. An encrypted identification number is stored on the integrated UcodeDNA RFID chip, which the authorities can compare with the central holding register. In addition, both tags will in future contain a "digital signature" in a QR code that can be verified with any smartphone. "In this way, it is possible to check whether it is an authentic document", says Jochen Betz, managing director of TÖNNJES. "Since the IDeSTIX Headlamp Tag self-destructs when removed, it cannot be misused."

The IDeSTIX is therefore an efficient and secure solution: Whether it’s for tolls, speed measurements or access control – the RFID tags from TÖNNJES are suitable for a range of applications that provide more security and enable smart mobility. The new security licence plates for the rear of the motorcycles also have an integrated colour stripe in addition to a QR code with digital signature, to facilitate visual assignment to the region of origin. A total of 16 different licence plate types will soon be personalised and issued together with the RFID based IDeSTIX Headlamp Tags at the central factory and the decentralised offices of the registration authority.

Together with a local partner, TÖNNJES is operating a joint venture in Manila, which is responsible for supplying the authority with IDeSTIX Headlamp Tags and license plate blank, as well as for the maintenance and care of the machines and software supplied by TÖNNJES to the licensing authority.

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