Electronic vehicle recognition in the Caribbean

The Cayman Islands converted their vehicle administration in 2016 and opted for the IDePLATE system from TÖNNJES. Since then, motorbikes, cars and trucks in the archipelago have been issued with the IDePLATE number plate and IDeSTIX windscreen sticker.  Both elements contain a Ucode DNA RAIN RFID chip that meets the highest security standards and allows the authorities contactless recognition and authentication in stationary and moving traffic. To control production and the registration system, TÖNNJES implemented the IDeTRUST software including registration, management and readout system as well as readers - thus paving the way for electronic vehicle recognition. With the combination of almost all products from the TÖNNJES portfolio, the Cayman Islands have one of the most advanced systems in the world in terms of vehicle identification. Read more about the background, the solution and the result of the project in our case study.

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