Delegation from Taoyuan visits TÖNNJES INTERNATIONAL GROUP

Smart Mobility is one of the main topics worldwide for urban planners. A delegation from Taoyuan (Ministry of Transport: Chief Secretary, Parking Management and Construction Department, Public Transport Section-Department, Transport planning, Public transport and Urban Planning Department) visited the Tönnjes production facility in Delmenhorst to learn more about this topic.
Special attention was paid to the intelligent solutions and products for electronic vehicle identification. With state-of-the-art technologies based on passive RFID and cryptographic authentication, TÖNNJES offers customer-specific solutions for international vehicle registration and identification. By using passive RFID transponders with additional security standards, such as the UCODE DNA, TÖNNJES offers a wide range of applications and benefits for road traffic authorities and ITS operators.
However, the TÖNNJES solution can definitely do more and offers many advantages and functions in the field of urban planning:
Toll collection
Traffic management
Parking and access control
Control of road sections
Border control
Control of traffic violations
According to United Nations projections, around 70 per cent of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050. At the current number of people in the world, that would be almost 5.8 billion people, which also means an increase in traffic, vehicles and potential problems. It is therefore all the more important that today's urban planners - as the delegation from Taoyuan is already doing intensively - take a close look at innovative smart mobility solutions.