TÖNNJES supports Dubai in the production of licence plates

Delmenhorst/Dubai. The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) of the Emirate of Dubai decided in 2018 to modernise the central production of vehicle registration plates. The goal: to digitalise processes, eliminate errors and manipulation, and increase efficiency. In addition, the RTA aimed for more transparency in the issuing and monitoring of resource stocks. TÖNNJES therefore installed a licence plate factory on site in cooperation with Al Zarouni International Equipment LLC. The in-house order management software IDeTRUST, the IDeROBOT and the IDePRESS enabled the complete digitalisation of the licence plate production. The processes are also traceable in detail from the registration office to the issuing. In 2020, additional external embossing stations were connected to the central system.

CTA: Read more about the project in our case study.