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Electronic vehicle recognition in the Caribbean

The Cayman Islands converted their vehicle administration in 2016 and opted for the IDePLATE system from TÖNNJES. Since then, motorbikes, cars and trucks in the archipelago have been issued with the IDePLATE number plate and IDeSTIX windscreen sticker.  Both elements contain a Ucode DNA RAIN RFID chip that meets the highest security standards and allows the authorities contactless recognition and…

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TAIWAN: The Taoyuan City Municipal Government has awarded TÖNNJES the contract to implement a "large vehicle identification and management system".

The project involves setting up a "large vehicle identification and management system". In the future, vehicles can be accurately identified at any time, regardless of weather conditions. The smart solution will use identification devices (using the IDePLATE smart number plate) and a smart management and identification system (backend management system) to reduce traffic congestion caused by large…

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As one into the future: TÖNNJES starts 2022 with a new structure

Market leader bundles its international business / RFID solutions more in demand than ever

  • TÖNNJES INTERNATIONAL GROUP GmbH is now acting as the holding company of the group with immediate effect
  • Innovative solutions for electronic vehicle recognition in use worldwide
  • Global RFID technology market grows to $10.7 billion

Delmenhorst, January 2022. TÖNNJES, the global market leader from…

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TÖNNJES establishes local license plate production in Manila

Delmenhorst/Manila. With the establishment of a new licence plate production, TÖNNJES has fulfilled a central request of the Philippine government. After the state tried in 2013 to restructure the production of licence plates in the country, severe supply bottlenecks ensued. The result: many vehicles drove through the streets without proper licence plates. For this reason, three years ago, the…

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TÖNNJES equips high-tech plant in Italy

Delmenhorst/Turin. The Instituto Poligrafico e Zecca Sarl (in short IPZS) in Rome is assuming the centralised production of security documents such as driving licences or vehicle registration plates in Italy. Such a state mint is unique in the European Union. To guarantee the permanent supply of licence plates and to modernise the processes, the IPZS decided in 2017 to build a new factory in…

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TÖNNJES supports Dubai in the production of licence plates

Delmenhorst/Dubai. The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) of the Emirate of Dubai decided in 2018 to modernise the central production of vehicle registration plates. The goal: to digitalise processes, eliminate errors and manipulation, and increase efficiency. In addition, the RTA aimed for more transparency in the issuing and monitoring of resource stocks. TÖNNJES therefore installed a licence…

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TÖNNJES opens first production site in West Africa

Delmenhorst/Dakar. At the request of the national Ministry of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Development (French: Ministère de Infrastructures, des Transports Terrestres et du Désenclavement – in short, MITTD), the Republic of Senegal wanted to optimise the registration and inspection of vehicle registration plates in 2018. The aim of the project: a uniform process from the registration to the…

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The vehicle licence plate of the future

TÖNNJES, Kathrein and NXP enable the electronic identification of vehicles

  • Electronic vehicle identification (EVI) is paving the way for the digitalisation ofvehicle recognition
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes: traffic management, toll collection systems and theft prevention
  • RFID tags and vignettes already in global use
  • New technology for the identification of motorised…
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Press Review 2021 April 20th


Global challenges, more solidarity

How an International company is experiencing the pandemic

  • TÖNNJES, the specialist for vehicle identification, operates more than 50 joint ventures worldwide.
  • Employees around the globe share their thoughts on the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Harsh lockdowns are paralysing the economic development in emerging countries.
  • There is an increasing demand for number plates for motorized two-wheelers.


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Digital Workshop


Guatemala increases the security of vehicle registration plates

German company produces 2.7 million number plates in Central America


  • Tax authority commissions TÖNNJES with production of vehicle registration plates
  • New plates with holographic security elements and track-and-trace code
  • Pandemic: company obtains special production authorisation under specific conditions
  • Joint venture in Guatemala City personalises number plate blanks from Panama


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Press Release Guatemala Dec 2020


Made in Germany, from the Andes

In La Paz, a German company is producing vehicle number plates for Bolivia

  • TÖNNJES receives another order for the production of Bolivian number plates
  • Company opts for a joint venture strategy abroad
  • International investments despite the Corona pandemic

Delmenhorst/La Paz, November 2020. Nearly 4,000 metres above sea level, in the middle of the Andes, sits La Paz. This city of 757,000…

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Joint venture in Egypt

Joint venture in Cairo: Egypt relies on German license plate technology
Market leader TÖNNJES invests in North Africa and establishes joint production

Delmenhorst/Cairo, September 2020. On Monday, the Arab Organization of Industrialization (AOI) – one of the largest industrial companies in Egypt – and the German company TÖNNJES signed a contract for a joint venture in Cairo: A local production…

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New licence plates for motorcycles

RFID Headlamp Tag "IDeSTIX" revolutionises identification of motorised two-wheelers.

Delmenhorst/Manila, August 2020. Not only is the number of cars growing on earth, but there are also more and more motorcycles. The majority of these are located in Asian countries. In India alone, more than 19 million motorised two-wheelers were purchased last year. According to the Federal Motor Transport…

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Kenya identifies automobiles by using RFID technology from Germany

TÖNNJES C.A.R.D. provides over three million vehicles with high tech windshield labels

Bremen, February 2017. Almost 47 million people are registered citizens of Kenya. However, the government has no backed record on the total number of car owners on Kenya’s streets. As a consequence, the state misses out on tax revenues that are essential to enhance the country’s traffic infrastructure. The…

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Tönnjes E.A.S.T.


Official Statement regarding Intertraffic 2020

Hosting more than 20.000 visitors from 140 different countries, the INTERTRAFFIC in Amsterdam is the world’s leading trade exhibition for traffic technology professionals. As such, it is one of the most important events in our calendar and has become a tradition for our employees, partners, and clients.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to exhibit at INTERTRAFFIC this year, though. In close…

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