TAIWAN: The Taoyuan City Municipal Government has awarded TÖNNJES the contract to implement a "large vehicle identification and management system".

The project involves setting up a "large vehicle identification and management system". In the future, vehicles can be accurately identified at any time, regardless of weather conditions. The smart solution will use identification devices (using the IDePLATE smart number plate) and a smart management and identification system (backend management system) to reduce traffic congestion caused by large vehicles in school districts and residential areas along industrial developments.

The project was awarded to TÖNNJES joint venture partner Leon Energy Co, Ltd. and is based on advanced RAIN RFID technology using IDePLATE and IDeSTIX. TÖNNJES and the Taiwanese company Leon Energy jointly invested in the local company TÖNNJES LEON TAIWAN Ltd. which will be responsible for the smart identification devices including local manufacturing. This will deepen Taiwanese-German cooperation in the field of advanced technology and industry to meet the future demand for smart transportation in Taiwan.