Holographic stickers

Besides security number plates, holographic windshield stickers (Third License Plate Stickers) or stickers for the number plates themselves (decals or labels) represent an important element of modern registration. 

They certify that the vehicle has been properly registered, and they can be also used for other applications, e.g. as proof of insurance and safety inspection or of tax payment.

Holographic labels for the number plate

The self-adhesive holographic labels for license plates are affixed to the finished number plate by hand to conclude the registration process. Holographic stickers in changing colours can also serve as registration decals or tax proof, which needs to be renewed on an annual basis. 

For personalisation purposes, the holographic labels can be inscribed by laser or thermal transfer printer – for instance with registration, serial numbers or barcodes. The holographic stickers have been designed for outdoor use and are therefore UV-resistant and weatherproof, and thanks to a special film structure they are self-destructive if tampered with.

Holographic windshield label (Third License Plate Sticker)

In addition to the holographic labels for number plates, we recommend the use of a holographic windscreen sticker (so-called “Third License Plate”). Use of a Third License Plate minimises the risk of stolen number plates being reused, since it establishes a direct link between vehicle and number plate. Holographic windshield stickers can also be used to serve as proof of the official vehicle fitness test, vehicle or road tax and insurance. 

By simply glancing at the holographic windshield sticker and comparing it to the number plate, any road user can tell immediately that a vehicle has been properly registered, without needing any other technical equipment. All the data – incl. data in machine-readable form – can be inscribed on the holographic windshield sticker by laser or thermal transfer printer. Thanks to the self-destructive design, the windshield labels cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another. This inhibits the use of stolen number plates.

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