IDePLATE® - the RFID number plate...

... with integrated fraud resistant and thief-proof data memory


Innovation made by Tönnjes: the Radio Frequency Identification Plate (IDePLATE®) developed by us sets global benchmarks in the vehicle identifcation by RFID number plates. 

The core of the system is a memory chip, which is integrated in the vehicle‘s aluminium licence plate during the production process.  The data stored on this so-called passive RFID tag (UHF technology) can be retrieved anytime via fixed and mobile reading devices by radio communication – also in moving traffic. 

Tönnjes IDePLATE® - the RFID number plate - can be combined with any safety features such as holograms or laser engravings and is available as thief-proof license plate.

IDeSTIX® – the intelligent 3rd license plate …

… with integrated fraud resistant and thief-proof data memory

The RFID tag integrated in the windshield label can be used in addition or as an alternative to Tönnjes IDePLATE® 

Just like IDePLATE®  saved data can be retrieved at any time, providing for identical applications and benefits. In order to prevent misuse, label and chip will automatically destroy themselves when removed. Holographic elements provide for protection against forgery and are therefore ideal for the application as an electronic vehicle registration certificate. 

The combination of IDePLATE® and IDeSTIX® achieves the utmost in safety and security!The new system is already being used successfully by the licensing authorities in Peru as an integral component of the new maximum- security licence plates.

Download IDePLATE® & RFID Label Flyer