Aluminium number plates

Vehicle licence plates are official documents made from metal. The modern security number plate, manufactured using reflective foil, should therefore also contain further security features like any other official document, in order to prevent counterfeiting, tampering attempts or duplication and to ensure controlled production, issuing and subsequent monitoring by the responsible authorities. In collaboration with our technology partners, we are continuously developing new security solutions. This guarantees our customers state-of-the-art solutions, which satisfy the continuously rising requirements for fraud prevention around the world.

Embossed aluminium license plates

As a global manufacturer, Tönnjes has the expertise and technical competence to manufacture license plates from diverse materials using a variety of production systems. Our comprehensive portfolio ranges from retro-reflective embossed license plates made from aluminium, to number plates manufactured using the French “semi-shear” process to reflective number plates made from acrylic / PET material. In consultation with our customers, we devise customer and market-specific solutions for the local production, distribution and issuing of security license plates.


In the Semi shear method of manufacturing, which is sometimes referred to as the French system, the embossing and colouring processes are not carried out in two independent steps. Differently from standard aluminium embossed number plates, semi shear number plates comprise of a combination of coloured aluminium foil on top of a base of reflective foil which is the background on the finished plate. 

With the use of specially designed tooling, the alpha numeric is simultaneously embossed and scored through the outer foil. After this step the scored reflex foil can be removed from the embossed numbers and letters. In removing the reflective foil the clean aluminium is revealed and the number plate is ready for application to the vehicle.

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