Machines & embossing equipment for license plates

The development and construction of machines, installations and equipment for the production of security number plates represent a further core competency of the Tönnjes Group. As a specialist in the area of design and construction of special-purpose plate making machines, we are your first port of call where the setting up of local production or embossing facilities are concerned.

Our employees will be pleased to advise and support you locally and will work with you to assess location criteria and clarify any arising questions. We also of course supply all the consumables that you will need to produce high security license plates.

Hydraulic license plate embossing press

Our hydraulic embossing presses come in two models. The hydraulic embossing press P50 is an ideal and easily transportable table press for manufacturing number plates and FUN plates. Upon request, the press can be delivered with a soundproofing cabinet and/or a shelving unit for embossing tools. 

Unlike the P50, the larger P70 model is a floor-standing hydraulic embossing press, used to produce vehicle number plates, FUN plates and smaller text plates. It is suitable for use of clapperdies as well as hinged tools to produce the number plates. 

Number Plate Embossing tools

Our clapperdies and hinged tools were developed specially to allow the fast and economic embossing of vehicle number plates. The modular design allows us to carry out solutions tailored to your specific needs, e.g. tools for elaborate designs, Arabic lettering or national emblems. 

Hot foil stamping machines (FOLIOMAT)

The hot foil stamping machine serves to apply colour to license plates and FUN plates using hot stamping foils – incl. security foils with holographic inscriptions. 

The machine is available in different working widths and versions. Thanks to its low weight, compact design, simple operating procedures and outstanding reliability, this machine has stood the test of time in use on various international projects.