Machine building

We have been developing, designing and constructing installations, machines and tools for our own use and to customer specifications for 30 years. Today, these are usually complex, integrated production installations for manufacturing high security license plates for the international market as well as the special-purpose machines required to automate the plate production process. 

In addition, we produce complete sets of embossing equipment both for our own sales operations as well as for our customers. Of course, our offer of service includes customer service comprising remote maintenance as well as on-site service for our own and third-party products. 

Production installations

In addition to complete number plate embossing systems, the Tönnjes Group also manufactures computer-controlled, automated plate production installations and special-purpose machines for special applications in the area of license plate production and processing.

The modular design of our production lines guarantees the highest level of production flexibility for our customers and partners. We can, for instance, incorporate optical quality control equipment, laser engraving units or hot foil stamping machines for security elements, holograms or graphics into the production lines.


Thanks to our online diagnostic system and the competent operator training delivered by our engineers either at our headquarters in Delmenhorst or at the customer’s premises, smooth production at the customer’s site is ensured. Our machines and production installations are also used in our joint ventures, which means that they are subject to continuous further development and adaptation to country-specific requirements for security number plate production and distribution.