Vehicle identification solutions

The comprehensive High Security Network …

The number of cars on the road continues to grow and with it grows the administrative burden of vehicle registration. In order to simplify the administrative process as well as reduce costs, we develop with the assistance of the latest technologies, turnkey solutions for national vehicle registrations. With a direct link to the relevant transport authority we develop nationwide comprehensive vehicle registration systems, we can take responsibility for the total production and administration of the process. With modular systems we create individual vehicle identification solutions and as such can meet the specific national requirements with regard to organization, logistics and security.

… turnkey solution

In the closest of cooperation with the local authority, we install registration networks which maximize efficiency, verification processes as well as hindering manipulation and counterfeiting. A centralized order management system organizes the whole registration process, from the initial order via the production of number plates and registration documents, to the storage and distribution or delivery. The system records and monitors in detail all steps of the process, so that the authority can access any relevant information they may require at any stage.

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